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YOU are a Missionary!

I spent the whole day today with Mrs. M, the one that we climbed the mountain with. I had a wonderful time with her, and our kids played nicely together, too. We were able to speak naturally regarding spiritual matters, so the day was extra special for me. Pray HARD, you guys!! Pray hard!

Looking back on the last 4 months, you've read about all the playdates, the parties, the lunch outings, the sharing. Recently my friend back in California jokingly emailed and said something like, "Hey, why didn't you do craft parties with us??" I giggled as I read that. And then I got to thinking. Why didn't I????

I got to thinking about all my friends at Zack's school and Ellie's preschool that I could have invited. All the neighbors who surrounded us in the 12 (!!) years that we lived at Amber Ridge Apartments. I could have done SO much... but my efforts were very little.

I know, I know...

it is a bit different to be sent off as missionaries to another country. One does tend to be more bold and intentional in surrounding relationships, because an overseas missionary does carry the responsibility of not wasting the time nor the resources given by God's people, their supporters and prayer partners.

BUT, you don't have to wait to be sent out. YOU are a missionary, if Jesus Christ is living in you, and you are following His ways. I'm writing so that you don't make the same mistake that I did. And I sure hope I'll remember this when we return to the States. Look around you. Who can you become friends with? Who are already your friends that you can invite into your home, or go out for coffee? Can you have a BBQ party with your neighbors? Can you do a kids' playdate with the non-Christian moms at your children's school? You don't have to do anything creative or elaborate. Just listen. Just talk. Just start liking someone.

A couple of weeks ago, Jeff was talking with his dad regarding what "ministry" is. What does ministry look like? For regular folks like you and me, ministry is simply loving another person--take an interest in their lives, spend time with them, pray for them, and share Jesus with them. You can do that.

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