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Foggy Glasses and Hot Carpet

How's the Weather?

Oftentimes I'm asked by my American friends, "What's the weather like in Tokyo?" Well, it gets pretty cold. We haven't purchased a thermometer to get the outside temp, but I think it's been in the 40's and 50's. Sometimes it snows, we're told, but not too much. But here's the big difference. Japanese homes do not have central air and heat. This means that you heat up only the room that you're in. At first we used the electric heating unit up on the wall, but that was a bit costly and it didn't heat up the room too much. So we got a gas heater, which is more economical and heats up the room very nicely! Then my parents were kind enough to give us carpet to cover our cold hardwood floor, and underneath it, a "hot carpet". It's like an electric blanket that you put under the carpet. should have seen all 4 of us sprawled on our floor the first day, feeling its warmth.

But then, what happens when you need to step out of the room??

You freeze! We oftentimes walk upstairs into our bedroom, and we can see our breath, just like the outdoors. We get whatever we need to real quick, and run back downstairs to the warm room. When Jeff does this, his glasses fog up! They really do! The temperature change is so drastic that he walks around in a literal fog for a bit, and then he can see again:)

Taking a shower requires quite the fortitude. The "changing room" feels a bit like you're undressing outside, and then you step onto cold, wet tile, and try to wait patiently for the hot water to get hot. Afterwards you shiver as you dress really quickly, and then you run into the warm carpet room again.

Before going to bed, we turn on the heat in our room. But the sheets are still ice-cold when I crawl into it, so I do a running motion in bed make friction to warm it up! It's pretty hysterical if you could see me, I'm sure.

In the morning we've noticed that we have water puddles all along our bay window in the living room as well as the dining room. Again, because of the cold outside, and the heat indoors, the steamy windows begin to drip lots of water. We've seen strips to put along the windows that would soak up all the condensation, so I guess we need to get those soon! So many new things.

I'll tell you--and I will end with this--that we are very grateful for our heated toilet seat! Seriously, we've used non-heated ones before, and it's shockingly cold that it actually takes your breath away. We love our warm toilet:) The End.

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