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Craft, Soup Meltdown, and Other Fun Stuff

Coffee, Craft, and Christmas Story

Snow People

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Each snowperson represents a mom and her family that you need to be praying for! They LOVED the craft time, and devoured the 2 dozen Butterscotch Pumpkin Muffins. But of course, I was the most happy with the planting of seeds during the 3 1/2 hour time we had together.

Like I mentioned before...

I read the Christmas story called The Man and the Birds. I can never tell what they're thinking, because they all listen so politely. I am just glad that I was able to tell them that God became a human being, and came to earth as a little baby, so that He could communicate with us and show us His love and forgiveness. I asked them to think just one step further this Christmas about what this really means to them.

Women at Work
Ladies showing off their work

No Soup for You!!

So on the same day that the ladies were over at my house, Ellie almost didn't make it to school because of a soup meltdown. You see, Monday was the annual "Pork Soup" making day for the school. All the kids put on their bandanas on their head and aprons, and took turns cutting vegetables (yes, using a real knife) and throwing them into a boiling pot, which was on top of an open fire outside:) The reason for Ellie's meltdown? Well, she knew that she would not like it, and she did NOT want to eat it! And she was afraid that the teachers would be mad at her for not eating it, but worst of all, she was afraid that a couple of boys in her class would give her a hard time about it. Bless her little heart!! Ellie cried and cried the day before, begging us to let her be absent from school! It was so sad!! Of course we couldn't give in just because of soup! So we prayed. That morning, she said, "Mommy, I want you to pray from here all the way to school, and don't stop praying until we get there. Pray the whole, entire time!!" And so I did. I prayed for Jesus to give her courage. I prayed for those boys who are mean, and that Jesus would bless them and help them if they are having problems at home. I was done with my prayer a little before we got there, and she said, "Not yet! Keep praying!" And so I did.

Did Jesus answer our prayers? Of course. He would not disappoint a 5 year old girl who was desperate for His courage and help. The boys did not make fun of her, and the teacher was kind. Did she like the soup? Absolutely not. You should have seen her face when I asked her what it tasted like. But we are so grateful to have a God who even cares about yucky soup day.

Zack and Ellie's Last Day

Today was the kids' last day before the start of Christmas break. At Ellie's school, Santa Croosu came...yes, a skinny Japanese Santa with red glasses. He handed out a present for each child.

Japanese Santa?

In contrast, we hurried over to CAJ after early dismissal from Kindergarten, and got to listen to a BEAUTIFUL concert by the elementary children. I was so very impressed. Each song proclaimed the Good News of Jesus, and the joy of His birth. Zack looked so handsome on stage, and I was very proud to see how grown up and mature he looked up there. They even played the recorder during one of the songs. They did an awesome job.

Zack's Christmas concert

Christmas Coffee House

We handed out some invitations in our neighborhood today...we will be having a Christmas Open House on Saturday. I decided to call it a Coffee House since they won't know what an Open House is. Anyway, pray that many families, especially the dads, will show up. We will be giving away Christmas CD's from Campus Crusade, so pray that the music and the message will touch their hearts. We will report to you how it goes.

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