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Christmas Prayer Requests

Neighborhood Friends

Thank you for praying for my get-together with the neighborhood moms (remember, these are the new set of friends unrelated to Ellie's preschool). It went very well! I had to laugh at some of the things that these ladies were impressed with. First, our Christmas tree...a fake, pre-lit, 6-foot tree that we got on sale at Michael's in the States. They could not get over how "huge" it was, and the fact that we had so many ornaments on it (again, very average in the States but apparently a big deal here!). Second, they were impressed with all the presents underneath the tree (thanks to our friends Steve and Patty Gatson in La Verne who adoped Zack and Ellie as their grandkids this year and sent a bunch of wrapped presents a month early!!). The third thing that they were impressed with was the buffet-style lunch we had. I didn't think it was a big deal...I had a tablecloth on the table, and had them put all their food on it. Then I asked them to use a large dinner plate and put whatever food they want on their plate, self-service. They thought that was REALLY neat:)

The next day, ...

I got an email from one of the moms, and she invited me and another group of neighborhood ladies for lunch at her house (God is dumping these amazing opportunities right on my lap, I tell you!!). When I entered her home, I noticed that she had a tablecloth on her table, and had everyone do a buffet-style lunch, using large dinner plates!! She announced that she got the idea from me, and again, the ladies raved about what a great idea it was. Funny how these simple things bring so much delight to my new friends.

Well today, I got yet another email, and this time the invitation was to go to Costco with them on the 20th, and then to get together for lunch at another person's house on the 21st! How cool is this?

Coffee, Craft, Christmas Story

Pray for me on Monday the 17th. I'll be having the usual group from Ellie's preschool, plus 2 brand new moms who have never come over. Pray that the craft and coffee time will be fun, but I'm a bit nervous about how the story will go over. I'll be reading the story about the man who realizes the true meaning of Christmas when he tries to help the birds escape the cold and snow by leading them into the safety of his barn. (I'll post the story later on so you all can read it if you don't know it.) I'm asking the Lord to open up their hearts just a little bit more this Christmas, and for them to think just one step further about who this Jesus is, and what He means to them.

Open House Prep

We would like to do an Open House on Saturday or Sunday, but honestly, I'm not sure if this can actually happen. Pray that something comes together! We're trying to think of ways for men/dads to come to our house so that Jeff can meet them. With the men leaving before dawn and returning after 10pm, it is VERY hard for us to get actual families to come together. So you can pray that IF we do have this open house, that the men would show up, and that they would experience just a small taste of Christ's love through our efforts at hospitality.

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