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Charlotte's Web and Pianika

Zack's Performance

Last Friday, Zack's 3rd grade class performed a Reader's Theater version of Charlotte's Web. We are happy to report that Zack was the BEST "Narrator #1" there ever was:) We were very proud of him for speaking his lines clearly and loudly. The entire class did a great job.

 Zack's Charlotte's Web class play

His teacher, Mrs. Crowson, will be having her first baby in January. This means that she will be leaving Zack's class. He is very sad to see her go. However, the Lord has provided a wonderful substitute teacher who will come after Christmas break and will stay for the rest of the year. Her name is Mrs. Kitagawa, and she is the mother of Kristen Caughlan, my Campus Crusade friend that I've written about before. We are so thankful that Zack will be in such loving and capable hands as she has taught for over 30 years!

For some reason...

I've become the Party Coordinator Mom of the class. Pray for a good Baby Shower/Farewell party for Mrs. Crowson on Wednesday, and for a fun class Christmas party on the 18th. I'm not's wonderful to get to know the kids and moms of Zack's 3rd grade class. 

Ellie's Performance

I wish you all could have seen her as the curtains rose on stage. There was our little girl, sitting nicely with her fellow "pianika" musicians. Pianika is a miniature piano that has a tube attached to it. You blow air into it for the piano sound to come out. It seems like every Japanese Kindergartner learns to play it. Ellie was a part of the music group which included other instruments such as the drums, triangles, and tambourines. We were very impressed to see this group of 4 and 5 year olds follow the conductor, stay in rhythm, and play an entire song with various parts!

Why do we not have any picures of this, you ask?? Because we were not allowed to take photos or video the event. They encouraged us to see it all with our own eyes, and not through the camera lens. Actually, the real reason is that they want us to purchase the DVD for $35, and buy pictures at over $1.00 a shot. Oh well.

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