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Building Relationships

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been a while since I've last blogged, but we've been slightly busy... in great ways! I tried to come up with a clever title for this entry, but it's pretty basic... we've been building relationships.

Welcome Lunch

Last Friday, all the moms from Ellie's class had lunch together at a restaurant. It was a Goodbye/Welcome party... goodbye to one of the moms who'll be moving away, and welcome to a new mom... me:) I was given the chance to say a few words, so I shared how blessed I've felt since entering Nadeshiko Yochien. I told them that I was a bit nervous coming in as the rookie, but they have welcomed me in. I thanked them for being so kind and easy to talk to, and how they have allowed me to quickly become a part of their group. Then each mom took turns saying a few words back to me, so that was neat, too. They commented on how impressed they've been with Ellie adjusting so quickly, and how they've all heard her saying phrases in Japanese. Then for the rest of the time we nursed our tiny cup of coffee, talking and laughing, until it was time to pick up the kids at school.

Morning Coffee with Mrs. K

On Saturday morning, Mrs. K came over for morning coffee...

Mrs K

She is the one who'll be moving away in a week, so I'm really sad since our friendship had only just started. But I'm trusing that the time we have spent will be used by God to show her that there is another Way to live. I mentioned before that I gave her the Japanese New Testament. The Truth has entered her home, and is sitting on her coffee table. She has read a little bit of John, so pray that there will be many more times that she will open it and find the One who loves her dearly.

Her son (pictured below) is in Ellie's class. Pray that he will adjust to his new school and home when they move.


Brazilian Dinner Night

So Mrs. K stayed until 2 in the afternoon, and then at 5pm, we had a Brazilian Dinner Night at our house!

Brazilian Night

I met this mom from Brazil at CAJ. Every afternoon, I've had the opportunity to talk to her as I wait for Zack to be dismissed, and for her 1st grader to come out. I've been wanting her family to come over, and especially wanted Jeff to get to know the dad. So I came up with an idea to have this dinner night where she makes traditional food from Brazil, and we get to eat it:) I'm so smart!! There is also another mom from Brazil at CAJ, so she and her daughter also came with food. All I had to do was provide the place, drinks, and dessert! We're praying that they all enjoyed their time here, and that they were able to sense the love of Jesus in our home. 

Neighborhood Moms and Christmas Parties

Can you guys please pray for me? This Thursday (12/6), there will be about 6 moms from our neighborhood coming over for coffee and snacks. These ladies are unrelated to Ellie's school, so they're a brand new set of relationships. Pray for a good beginning of good frienships.

I'm trying to get some Christmas parties set up. I want to do separate things with moms and kids. With moms, I've been wanting to do a craft time with a Bible story included, but the materials for the craft are just not coming together. Pray that all the details of who to invite, when to schedule it, what to purchase, how to go about sharing the Christmas message to the different groups will all come together.

I really need your prayers, so thank you!

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