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Lunch Date in India

Today for lunch, I went out with Mrs. I and Mrs. K to an Indian restaurant (owned by a guy from Sri Lanka). We walked in to the strong smell of incense and 4 kinds of curry and freshly baked Nan. The food was absolutely delicious. But more than that, I was really struck today at how the Lord has granted me favor in the eyes of the "mom community" at Ellie's school. As i sat there with these 2 ladies, we chatted and laughed and joked around as if we have known each other for years. I was over at Mrs. I's apartment before lunch, where she told me that she has started reading the New Testament that I gave her. This past week I was at the park with "the group" a couple of times. Ellie had another friend who came to play yesterday while I got to know her mom. I've already gone over to another mom's apartment for tea. The opportunities have been abundant! I cannot tell you how blessed I felt today.

At the same time, though, I came home with my heart heavily burdened for these friends.

They shared freely with me as we ate...very freely, about their husbands--to the point of TMI (too much information!!). I won't go into detail, but basically their relationships with their husbands are non existent. And they told me that most moms feel the same way. How I hurt for them. During our time together, I gave words of hope and encouragement wherever I could, but they would always end by resorting to themselves that things will never change, and it's just the way it goes. 

One thing that I'm noticing, though, is that Japanese people all have the sense that there is "someone" out there. They all long to worship something. They have a strong sense of wanting to thank "someone" for the food that they eat. I told both Mrs. I and Mrs. K that this is a God-given desire that has been placed by their Creator God. How I long for the Japanese to know that they CAN worship and pray and give thanks to the King of Kings, Lord of Lords...Jesus Christ their Savior!! 


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