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Zack's Science Lab Party

Zack and His Mad-Scientist Friends

Zack and his mad scientist friends

Today was a day off for Zack. So he invited 4 of his buddies from his 3rd grade class: Yechan, Yeon Soo, Keigo, and Noa. I'm sure you can tell from the names, but 2 are Korean, 1 Japanese, and 1 Japanese-American. In California, I would simply invite friends, give my address, and expect the moms to drive and drop off thier child at my door, right? Well, I'm still trying to get used to the idea of 3rd graders traveling alone on their own... 2 came by bike by themselves, 1 rode the train then walked from the station, and another was dropped off (he usually comes to school on his own -- a 50 minute bus ride along with 3 train rides!)

So they came, ready to do some experiments! ...

We started off by watching the chemical reaction of powder fake snow. Then they melted wax and dipped their own candles. We only had a few minor wax burns! Then there was a competition of who could place the most waterdrops on a penney. And finally we did the classic baking soda and vinegar explosion in a bottle, and catching the CO2 in a balloon. Fun was had by all!

Balloon experiment
Balloon Experiment

After inhaling yakisoba noodles and sushi rice balls, the boys were ready to have some freeplay... they played Uno, Legos, Operation, and lots of soccer. I didn't realize that 5 third-grade boys could be SO loud! They each tried to out-talk the other, thus ending in a yelling match. The boys had quite a few arguments and such, but at the end when I asked them which part of the day was the most fun, they said, "ALL of it!" That made me smile.

Pickup soccer game
Enjoying a pickup soccer game 

By the time I sent them home around 3pm, I was exhausted! But I thought to myself, this was all worth it to know that Zack had FUN. And to know that tomorrow when he goes to school, he will feel a special connection with those boys. And to know that he already has 2 invitations from those boys to come to their house. And to know that Zack can now be a part of the boys' soccer group during recess without feeling like an outsider or the new kid. Was my headache today worth it? Of course!! Would I do it again? YES...but maybe I'll just do 1 or 2 boys at a time:)

THANK YOU for your prayers for Zack.

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