Fish Egg Pasta

A Missionary Lunch: Fish Egg Pasta

I was recently asked if I was doing okay with loneliness, because a lot of missionaries struggle with that. I do miss my friends dearly, miss my cat (who has been adopted by a dear Asian Access friend), miss my car, Target, Wal-Mart, and everything that is familiar... but I'm actually doing okay with loneliness. One of the reasons is that I get to meet with some of the Asian Access missionary women twice a month. Today was such a day, and we spent a good time of sharing our hearts, and praying for one another.

Afterwards, we went out to eat together. I took a picture of it on my new cell phone!! (It's great to finally have one!)

So here are a couple photos...

Pasta with fish eggs

Above: The spaghetti with the orange blob on it was mine. And yes, the orange thing is a bunch of little fish eggs with lots of yummy flavor. It also had some clams in it, and it was very delicious.

More pasta with fish eggs

Above: The green one also had fish eggs, but a bit bigger.

So this is what missionaries here eat after their meeting!


After my delicious lunch, it was time for me to pick Ellie up from school. A whole bunch of moms were talking about going to a park to let the kids play. I was delighted to get an invitation to join them!! As I stood there at the park with 5 other moms talking and joking, I sensed a little bit that I was starting to "belong".

It wasn't a strong feeling, but I could tell that it's a good start of belonging to a group.