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Pumpkin Playdate #2

Pumpkin Playdate #2

Pumpkin playdate #2
Ellie, Nanako, Jossy and Yuuki


Today was a GOOD day. We were able to have another pumpkin playdate with Nanako chan from Ellie's class, and her older sister Yuuki. We also invited Jossy, whose parents, Cam and Kristen Caughlan, work for Campus Crusade. Kristen has been a God-send for me from day one. She is the one who helped me to find Ellie's school (Jossy goes there, too), and has shown me the ropes. It was encouraging to have Kristen wth me as we spent time with Nanako chan's mom. This mom has had much contact with Christians in her life, and she seems to be open toward Christians in general. I was a bit bummed that we couldn't quite take the conversation to more spiritual matters, but this was only the first time she's come here, and I can't rush God's timing! Pray for meaningful coversations in the future.

Web Cam Get-Together

Today was also good because...

...we got to have a webcam get-together with our small group from California! We gave a grand tour of our house, and got to chat a little bit. However, we were cut short during our sharing time due to technical difficulty, so I'd like to write a bit about "how I'm doing" since they asked.

I'm doing GREAT! I guess the best thing about being in Japan is that I truly know what my purpose is here...and my days' activities are intentional and focused because of it. I know that God has me and my family here to LOVE the Japanese people around us, and it's as simple as that. Do you remember when I was so afraid of hosting and having an "open-door policy"? Well, God has done an amazing work in my heart, and I've had no anxieties about having people over. It's because I know that He has chosen and given this house to us (for a time) to use for ministry. This place is not my own, but for Him to use.

So keep those prayers coming!!!! I KNOW for a fact that we cannot do any of this without your prayers. Honestly. Thank you, thank you, thank you to our prayer supporters and financial supporters. You guys rock. We are in this together.

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