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Costco and Playdate

First Trip to Costco

Just a quick note to let you know that I made my first pilgrimage to Costco the other day (thank you, Dorrie, for taking me!!) It was about an hour and a half car ride there...when I saw the big sign I got so excited:)

Since Zack is doing lists, I guess I'll do lists, too. Here's mine...

  • I got 2 huge bags of Cheddar Cheese since I can't get them at the grocery store
  • I was thrilled to see large pumpkins, thinking that I'd purchase one for the kids to carve... then i was told that it's about $80. No thanks!
  • Hurray for large bags of Tostitos tortilla chips!!
  • And large jars of Prego spaghetti sauce!

Anyway, I won't tell you all the stuff that I got, but it was a GOOD day. I also got to eat a big sloppy Costco Hotdog with REAL Diet Coke!

First Playdate

Today, I set up my VERY FIRST PLAYDATE with 2 of Ellie's kindergarten friends and moms! Please start praying! I'm really excited. They will come over next Wednesday (Oct. 17) after school.

  • Pray that the girls will have fun, and that Ellie will know how to play with them inspite of the language barrier.
  • Pray for creative ideas for me to set up some fun things for the kids to do, and some yummy things for the moms to enjoy!
These are 2 ladies that I talk to the most at school, but don't quite feel like we're friends yet... so I would really like our time to be the start of a good friendship.


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