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Ellie's Unbirthday Party

At the end of September, there was a combined birthday celebration for all the September birthdays at Ellie's kindergarten. The teacher was kind enough to include Ellie in that group since her birthday had already passed in May (their school year ends in March and starts up again in April in a new grade level).

The birthday kids got to wear a special card made by their teacher, and they all got up on stage to be "interviewed." I was so glad when Eriko sensei told me ahead of time the 3 questions that she would ask Ellie. The first one was...

"What is your name?", then "What is your favorite food?" and finally "What do you like to play with the most?"

So for a couple of days she practiced her answers. Suika (watermelon) is her favorite food, and nuigurumi (stuffed animals) is her favorite toy. Jeff and I were both there, and anxiously waited for Ellie's turn as the teacher went down the line of kids. Ellie looked pretty nervous, so we weren't sure if she would say anything! But, our girl did it! The only mistake that she made was when she told the teacher that her name is watermelon!!!! But actually the teacher asked again and she answered all 3 questions beautifully. We were extremely proud of her!

Here's a translation of the card that Eriko sensei wrote to Ellie. It was so sweet:

"Dear Ellie, Happy Birthday. Are you getting used to kindergarten? The way you've been watching others and learning have been wonderful!! You've made lots of friends, and now i am beginning to see your smile often. We're going to have many more fun things!! Let's laugh lots and play lots, okay?" ---Eriko Agata

Ellie's Unbirthday Party Note
Ellie's Unbirthday Party Note


Here's a picture of Ellie being interviewed by her teacher. The principal presented each child with a gift of Nadeshiko flowers (the school is named after it), and picked them up for all to see. And finally, you see Ellie on stage as a part of a little skit...she is at the end of the line...they're all pretending to pull out a huge radish out of the garden!


Ellie's unbirthday party interview
Ellie's Unbirthday interview in Japanese


The Principal Lifts Ellie
The Principal Lifts Ellie


Ellie pitches in
Ellie (far right) pitches in to help pull out the vegetable


We truly are grateful to have such an encouraging teacher, and the fact that Ellie is smiling and laughing alot in an environment where she does not understand anything is just amazing to us. God is hearing your prayers!!


Ellie's happy birthday smile
Ellie's Happy Unbirthday Smile

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