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Finally—Slow Boat from China!

Hi everyone! We have exciting news... the boat from Shanghai FINALLY arrived with our stuff on Wednesday, October 3!!!! We are soooooo excited! 4 guys from the moving company came around 9 in the morning, and took just 3 hours to unload our things. It was quite the process... they gave us a ciipboard with 5 pages on it. It was an inventory of our 124 items. As they brought in each box, they would say, "check off number 36"... and as we scrambled through the pages to find the number, they'd say, "it's a box of such and such, where do you want us to put it?" And all 124 numbers were checked off, so nothing was left in California nor China!

Even though the process was tedious, they worked efficiently, and not only took care of the mountain of butcher paper and boxes, but they also set up everything for us. We got really nervous, though, when the plastic box containing all the nuts and bolts for the kids' bunk bed could not be found anywhere! But after searching in all the boxes, one of the guys found it among Zack and Ellie's toys. Whew! So Jeff and one of the workers put the bed together. By the time the kids came home, it was all ready! Zack was very pleased to see it all set up.

I did open a few boxes myself, and was happy to find a bunch of cereal (you can't get American cereal here), peanut butter, lots of taco seasoning, salsa mix, cake mixes, Ranch dressing, etc. I felt like a time traveler in a's like the past Nozomi sent future Nozomi EXACTLY what she wanted:) I was cracking myself up thinking, "I'm SO smart for sending myself this!" or, "How did I know I wanted this???"

The best part of all was to hear Zack say a couple of times...

"Now this is feeling like home!" This had been our prayer. It was so cute when he sat down at our dining room table and saw the familiar scratches and crayola marker lines. He said, "Oh, this is MY side of the table! I see my scratches and the marks! This is where I sit!!" I was glad that I had decided not to throw the table out to get a new one before we left. That was all worth it.


Our movers
Here are the 4 movers who brought in our 124 boxes and unpacked our stuff.

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