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Obento, New Faces and Names

Remembering Names

Hi everyone! In answer to your prayers, I am meeting LOTS of moms at Ellie's school. Now comes the challenge of trying to remember who's who and all the names. I'm bad enough with English names, but when it comes to Japanese names, i really can't remember. It goes in one ear and out the other. So a specific prayer request would be that I will remember people's names, who their kids are, and something unique about each person so I don't forget that I've met them already. I don't mean to sound politically INcorrect, but the faces really do start to look the same!!! They all have black hair and dark eyes!! Well, I should say "we" all do cause I'm one of them.

Laying the Groundwork

Today as we were picking Ellie up (we all had to walk today to time ourselves to see how long it takes to get there in case of emergency), we met a mom whose little boy goes to the same kindergarten. She was very friendly, and it turns out that she lives very close to our house...we can even see it down the street. Anyway, after we picked up our kids, we walked back together, and her 3 year old boy started to use some English that he had learned on TV. He offered his hand to Ellie and said, "My name is Ryotaro," and shook her hand. It was SO adorable. After that he didn't want to let go of her hand, and they walked hand-in-hand for a while. Of course Ellie wasn't liking it too much, but she kept her hand there so that she would be polite. What a trooper. There is also another mom who is an English teacher. Her daughter is in Ellie's class. Today the teacher told me that she saw Ellie and Nana-chan playing together, so that was neat to hear. And finally, I keep running into another neighbor lady who seems to be the social leader of the moms in this block. I always see her gabbing with the other moms in the neighborhood. She seems very outgoing and carefree, and I like her already. She's the one who clapped the loudest when I mentioned that I want to do an English class in my home. So I'm laying the groundwork!

Directionally Challenged

On a different subject, pray also that I'll remember how to get to places and back. For those of you who know me, I'm COMPLETELY directionally challenged, to the point where I think I have a serious problem, really. And because there are no street names here in Japan, you have to know where everything is by landmarks. There are MANY turns. I can now bike from my home to CAJ, or my home to Ellie's school, and from home to a shopping center, but when it comes to connecting them ogether, I get all mixed up and turned around. My poor husband...I feel SO bad for him because he has to keep explaining the most basic directions to me over and over. Even tonight, he was trying to help me by making a map using different items...the cap here is the school, the crayons are the river, the salt is CAJ, the tape is the railroad tacks, etc. As he went on all I could think of was, "What was the waterbottle cap again??" Ugh.

Keep Praying for Zack

On a more serious note, keep praying for...

my Zack. He is feeling the stress in a major way, so pray HARD for him whenever the Lord brings him to your mind. Pray for God's peace to rule over his thoughts, attitude, and actions. Pray again that this house will soon feel like "home" to him, and that CAJ will become "his school".

First Obento

I'll end with this fun picture. This is my very first obento creation ever. Obento is "boxed lunch" in Japanese. Kindergarten moms take this job very seriously here. It's a form of art. They always create little faces or animals with the food, and try very hard to make it look cute or pretty. Even today I purchased "die-cut" punchers for seaweed...yes, I will be cutting out star shaped seaweed to decorate her rice. Now, how should I make her peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich look creative???


Ellie's first obento


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