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Zack's Magic Trick Birthday!

zacks-12th-bday-party - 24Wasn't it just yesterday when Zack was sucking up trash using a home made vacuum as a 4-year-old (for those of you who don't know, he had a vacuum obsession for about 4 years). Wasn't it just yesterday when he dressed up as Larry Boy in Veggie Tales for Halloween? Time is passing by way too quickly. Our little baby boy turned 12 years old on April 1st.

Last year's birthday theme was a Mad Scientist Party, so I thought that we could do another "theme" party this year. He is really into electrical wires and such these days, and soldering tiny parts to the breadboard to make his own radio transmitters, LED light-up gadgets, and other wires that I don't even understand. Another interest that he has is magic card tricks. He's getting really good at it, too! So I decided to choose the easier theme of the two, and went with a Magic Trick Birthday Party!

zacks-12th-bday-party - 03

Look at these good looking boys! This was about the only time they stayed still, so we took the opportunity to take a group photo. They are all great kids from his 6th grade class at Christian Academy in Japan. The boys learned 2 brand new tricks that they could perform for their families.

zacks-12th-bday-party - 07

I learned a couple of years ago that having the kids decorate their own cake is a perfect "craft" plus dessert idea. Just get those small pre-made plain cakes, a couple of squeezable whip cream, and a few decorating items. It's fun for the kids, and it saves me a lot ot time from baking it myself!

zacks-12th-bday-party - 15

This was Team #1's creation.

zacks-12th-bday-party - 17

zacks-12th-bday-party - 20

Team #2 was a bit more methodical:)

zacks-12th-bday-party - 21

Then it was time to open presents! Mom was very happy with the Baskin Robbins gift certificate...

zacks-12th-bday-party - 29

As well as the McDonald's gift certificates! They are both in my purse.

zacks-12th-bday-party - 44

Thank you to all 4 friends who gave Zack very thoughtful gifts. He appreciates them all!

The game we played was hillarious. There were 5 very long and narrow plastic straws that we got at the party store. The point of the game was to see which boy could finish drinking the little bottle of juice first!

zacks-12th-bday-party - 46

Everyone was so focused, and sucked on that little straw in total silence, which made it even more hysterically funny!

zacks-12th-bday-party - 51

And Zack, being the scientist that he is, made sure to have his bottle raised up high to have an efficient flow down into his straw...and he won:)

zacks-12th-bday-party - 45

I thought we were done with the game. But Jeff saw the boys trying to lift up each confetti piece on the table, and into a cup...hey, that's another game!! So we played, "Suck up the confetti into the bowl" game.

zacks-12th-bday-party - 57

And guess what? Zack won that game, too. Yes, my boy sucks.

zacks-12th-bday-party - 64

Jeff took a couple of parting shots as they went off to CAJ to end the party by playing outside. It was such a pleasant day! Zack has some wonderful friends, and we are grateful. We will always cherish these moments.

zacks-12th-bday-party - 67

After the boys left, Ellie had to get in some photos, of course. So here is one where she is saying, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZACK!!"

zacks-12th-bday-party - 68

And then another one where she's saying, "My birthday is in 30 more days!"

zacks-12th-bday-party - 65


zacks-12th-bday-party - 48




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