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Asian Access Links with CRASH for Tsunami Relief

A2 is thrilled to be a part of a bigger movement of God to 'love on Japan' in this time of great need.

CRASH Japan - Love on Japan

As a member of the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA), Asian Access is extremely pleased to join the CRASH effort to bring help and hope to the people of Japan.  We plan to be involved in many different aspects of the joint operation.

CRASH-Japan is an exciting collaboration of Christians joining together to love Japan in practical ways! Soon we'll tell you more about how Asian Access is specifically contributing to the movement, but first let us tell you more about CRASH.


CRASH logo

Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope (CRASH) is a network supporting Christians to do relief work in Japan and around the world. CRASH equips and prepares churches and missions to be there to help their communities when disasters strike and coordinates Christian volunteers to work with local ministries in the event of a disaster.

CRASH conducts Disaster Volunteer Training seminars (DVT) for churches, schools or missions with a focus on pastoral crisis intervention and practical volunteer leadership.

CRASH has also produced a child-safe place trauma intervention curriculum called "Operation SAFE" that is used to help children in evacuee centers recover from trauma.

CRASH has provided leadership and coordination forvolunteers responding to typhoons, landslides, blizzards and earthquakes in Japan and internationally in cooperation with the other associations.

Mission Statement

CRASH equips Christians in Japan to be ready when disaster strikes to show the love of Jesus in practical and effective ways.  Their method is to provide a model of action, accurate information and volunteer training to a broad network ofchurches and ministries across Japan.

CRASH works closely with JEMA the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (of which Asian Access is a member) and cooperates with the Disaster Relief Commission of the Japan Evangelical Association.

By virtue of partnering with mission organizations, CRASH has a large network of experienced volunteers who know the culture and language. In the last few years, CRASH leaders have coordinated relief efforts in China, Haiti, Indonesia, New Zealand, and other major disaster areas.

On Monday, March 14th, CRASH sent four survey teams to the Tohoku region by train, car, and motorcycle as early as 12:00 am to assess the damage, find staging grounds, and make contact with local communities to prioritize their needs. Additional survey teams will be sent out later in the week.

CRASH Japan Director, Jonathan Wilson, also serves as the pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship in the city of Ome-shi, Tokyo.  Here are some of his comments at the initial press briefing on March 13, 2011:

"What will happen over the next month or so is that the rescue phase will wind down. When that is done, then the next phase will be relief, and we want to be part of the relief phase. There are many things we can do to relieve the suffering. After relief, there’s rebuilding and we want to be part of that as well."

"Right now, it’s very unstable. The situation is changing quite rapidly. We don’t know what’s going on with the nuclear reactors. We don’t know which roads are open. We don’t know which communities are hardest hit.  We know even know all of the communities that have been damaged. We cannot send volunteers into that region at this time. If we send in there now, that’s foolishness. They’re not prepared for it; they’re not trained for it. And we cannot take responsibility for it. Our job right now is to prepare to send thousands of volunteers into that region both safely and effectively. To do that, we need coordination. We need to find out a lot of information. And we need to begin preparing for the next stages."

"You don’t have to be rich to help. You don’t need to beconnected to help. We are volunteers. But we can make a difference."


More information...

  • More information about CRASH can be found at its website:
  • In the coming days, we will be sharing more info about what we are doing in conjunction with CRASH, as well as through our own network of local churches. 


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