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I'm Back!

"Oh my goodness!! Your hands are SOOOO dry!" Gee, thanks. Apparently, the digital scanning doesn't work so well when one's skin is all dried up like mine. As I lotioned up, I said to myself, "If this is the worst thing that happens today, then it's not so bad!" After they determine that I am not the head of the Japanese mafia or a crouching tiger/hidden dragon, my re-entry permit will be mailed to the embassy in Tokyo where I can go pick it up. The permit should be good for the next 2 years, and then I get to do it all over again. Can't wait.

Thank You's

I told my friends in California that I would write about them, so...

  • hi Bill and Kerri! Loved spending time with you. Zack and Ellie enjoyed watching your video, and they miss you lots.
  • Julee, thanks for the delicious lunch. I told my Japanese friends about the gigantic bowl of chips that we got as well as my salad (individual in the US but feeds 6 in Japan).
  • Sandy, my soul sista! Thank you for blessing me by picking me up at LAX, letting me use your car the whole week, and then driving me back to LAX so early in the morning. YOU ROCK! Loved our heart to heart talk as always.
  • Mary and family, my home away from home. Thank you for hosting me all week long, and for making me feel welcomed and loved.
  • My girlfriend group: Mary, Colleen, Debbie, and Helen, what a blast we had laughing together at Olive Garden! You encouraged my heart.
  • Myrna and Kevin, thanks for dinner and for your constant encouragement and support. I love being with you both.
  • Friday night dinner gang: B&K, M&K, Steve and Lily, it was awesome to hang with all of you once again.
  • Shout out to the peeps in the Glendora Asian Access office!
  • Aunt Ellen, our loving caretaker of our Samantha the cat. Can't believe how much weight she's lost! You're doing a great job, and we appreciate you.
  • Heather, Tami, and Jocelyn, it was great praying with you at Moms in Touch. Heather, thank you for the most delicious hamburger in the world. Everyone in CA, you must go to The Back Abbey in Claremont!!
  • Guerrero family, thanks for waiting for me before church, and for the most thoughtful gifts for us and the children. You touched my heart deeply.
  • Community Baptist Church Family, we love you all... wish I could have hugged each of you. Sorry I missed so many of you. 

Return Home 

On the morning of my flight home, I woke up around 3am feeling very sick to my stomach. I was on the bathroom floor until I had to get ready to go to the airport. My 12 hour flight was not a pleasant one from feeling yucky the entire time. I knew I was really sick when I had to refuse all meals and snacks!! Normally I'd be wanting seconds! Fortunately the flight was not crowded at all, so I had an empty seat next to me, and was able to sleep off and on.

Our 14th wedding anniversary was on December the 16th, so our plan was to go out on a big date in the city of Tokyo the next day. But all my poor husband got was a sick wife curled up on the sofa the whole day! Jeff and I are looking forward to a "do-over" date sometime soon.

Even though I was feeling horrible, I just didn't have time for the sickness! We planned for 2 Christmas parties that weekend... one on Saturday and one on Sunday. God graciously allowed me to feel just well enough to get ready for it, and to have a lovely time with our friends. I'll write about the parties soon. 

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