How do I invest in the Johnstons' ministry?

Investing in our ministry isn't very complicated; but we certainly do appreciate those who are sacrificially giving to the Lord's work through our ministry.

There are different options for ways to give, including sending a check, setting up an automatic deduction from your checking account, or paying online.

Our biggest need is for monthly pledges -- that is, for folks to sign up to make a monthly contribution to our ministry. That said, any gift is appreciated.



>>> Mail a check to Asian Access.

You can still write and mail checks the traditional way or now arrange to have your online bank or bill service send a check. Please be sure to write the missionary's name or ministry project on your check so it can be allocated to the proper account.



>>> Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through Asian Access

You can set up a monthly withdrawal (EFT) deducted from your checking account, and the minimal service fee is folded into the missionary's administration fee. It's completely automatic once set up, though fairly easy to change whenever desired. There are currently no options for periods other than monthly (e.g., quarterly) deductions.



>>> Give Online via Credit Card Transaction (one-time or regular deductions)

You can use your credit card online through Asian Access which will take a 2.75% administration service fee from the contribution. You can fill out the form on this page (or click here to donate online now via Asian Access.)