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Current Roles with Asian Access

Advancement & Communications


Jeffrey S. Johnston

Currently, I am serving as Vice President for Advancement. This role has two parts: 1) Development (helping the president with fundraising); and 2) Communications. I am privileged to share what God is doing in Asia with all of our Asian Access constituents.

In terms of communications, some of the areas I oversee include:


Asian Access Leadership

I serve as a part of the senior leadership at Asian Access (A2) helping to provide oversight and direction for the ministry. In addition to monthly teleconferences, the team gathers quarterly to reconnect, plan and pray with one another.

Along with key A2 staff members and national directors across Asia, I also am now involved on the team that directs the ministry in 11 Asian countries (and growing).


Leader Development Liaison in Various Countries

I helped stabilize A2's leader development program in North India (2009-2011), and for the past four years, I've assisted establishing the program in a country in South Asia (unnamed for security reasons). It's a privilege to help solidify the leader development program in these countries, in which I help the national leaders in north India to establish the right DNA of the A2 program there. Our national directors have vision for beyond their own borders into neighboring countries.  Since westerners are often not permitted into some of these countries, the graduates of the program in various countries will likely help advance the work in these places. This is precisely why the current work is strategic for the growth of the Church across Asia.

Community Baptist Church

Since returning from Japan in 2011, we have been very active members of our local church. I've served as a board member, as well as on the task force for strengthening our communications efforts.


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About Nozomi

Upland Christian Academy

Upland Christian Academy logo

Nozomi works at Upland Christian Academy as a third grade teacher. This is a job she enjoys immensely, and it's a great fit. She is really ministering not only to her students, but also to their families. After returning from Japan, she was graciously provided a job as a Teacher Assistant before coming on staff as a second grade teacher.


Nozomi Johnston

Ministry Roles in Japan (2007-2011)

Nozomi focused her efforts on raising our children and getting to know the other moms in our new neighborhood. In our first year in Japan, she connected with many of the moms of Ellie's Japanese classmates. Because Ellie spent a year in Japanese kindergarten, it accelerated her acculturation. This also provided great opportunities for Nozomi to build friendships, too.

Once we got more settled and relationships deepened, she began planning parties, get-togethers, and other events. Due to the success of her ability in this area, she developed evangelistic stories to share the Gospel. When she has time, she would like to compile these ideas into a book that will help other missionaries creatively tell the Gospel, thus multiplying her personal ministry.

The last two years in Tokyo, God gave Nozomi an effective ministry of "Joy Groups" centered on teaching a biblical perspective of parenting and marriage, shared within the context of genuine community. Our family tried to reinforce this teaching by living out what this means in front of our friends' families. She has incorporated "Joy of Parenting" book by Asian Access' Barbara Bauman. This book is in Japanese and English and is a wonderful tool in teaching how the Bible applies to our everyday parenting issues.

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