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Johnston Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the Johnstons!

  • Been married for 15+ years.
  • Met at Columbia International University (Columbia, South Carolina)
  • Helped plant a church in southern California
  • Supported by 3 sending churches. . . but praying for 2 more churches to join our support team!
  • Led a summer team to Kaminoyama (Yamagata, Japan) in 1997
  • Two wonderful kids, Zack (11) and Ellie (8), who attend Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ).
  • Moved to Japan in August 2007 for 4 years.
  • Nozomi is a Japanese citizen and holds a U.S. "green card." The kids are both dual Japan/U.S. citizens.


Video (coming soon)

We now have some personal video clips to enjoy. We'll be adding more from time to time.

Who are the Johnstons?

The Johnstons

Missionaries Serving with Asian Access

The Johnstons are serving with Asian Access, a non-profit Christian mission organization with a five-decade history of leadership development and church multiplication.

Jeff and Nozomi met while at Columbia International University in South Carolina. They were married in 1994 and have two wonderful kids, Zachary (Zack) and Joelle (Ellie).


2007~2011 — Living in Tokyo, Japan

Johnston FamilyThe Johnstons resided in Tokyo as missionaries with Asian Access. The family invested in sharing Christ with unchurched Japanese people in their city. Throughout their time in Japan, they were befriended by wonderful Japanese friends and were deeply touched by countless people. Many of the blog posts on this site—both fun and serious—are from their rewarding time in Japan.


Johnstons as Manga Characters

Manga Johnstons drawn by our Miss Donut friend


Following Japan

After much prayer and sadness, the Johnstons left Japan returned to California in 2011. We love Japan and our friends there. The primary reasons for leaving had nothing to do with the Great Disaster of NE Japan in March 2011. But God spoke to us through the lack of funds to stay in the world's most expensive city, as well as Jeff's father's growing need for assistance.

Relocating in Fontana, CA, Jeff is thrilled to continue serving with Asian Access, now starting his 29th year. Nozomi is teaching at Upland Christian Academy, where both Zack and Ellie attend. The family is actively involved and invested in their primary supporting fellowship, Community Baptist Church.


More Information


Jeff • Facebook

Jeffrey S. Johnston's Facebook profile

Nozomi • Facebook

Nozomi Takeda Johnston's Facebook profile

Jeff's Posts


Jeff's column offers a mix of reflections on leadership and fatherhood, as well as news from Asian Access.


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Nozomi's Posts


Nozomi's column contains reflections on motherhood, Japanese culture, and ministry.


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Zack's Posts


Zack's column provides a variety of glimpses into what makes him tick.


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Ellie's Posts


Ellie's column is coming soon...


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