First Trip to Store

Well, here we are in JAPAN!!

Thanks to all your prayers, the kids did very well on the 11-1/2 hour plane ride... no problem! We were welcomed by Dorrie Takazawa and her daughter Kie who made wonderful signs for Zack and Ellie to see as soon as we got off the plane. How sweet! We stayed at their home for the first night. The next day, we spent the entire day with Takeshi and Dorrie who helped us shop for LOTS of stuff for our new house. The Lord led us to just the right store and just the right sale prices! He has been with us even in our shopping spree;)

By the way, the house is adorable. Very compact, but cute. The living room has a large bay window which I love. And get this... the owner of this house has gone above and beyond what any other landlord would do... unheard of, in fact... they felt like they wanted to help us out, so they not only left light fixtures, curtains, computer table and chair, and bookshelves for us, but they purchased a stove, a double bed, and 2 brand new AC units!!!! We were completely in shock and could not believe that they would do this for us, and they don't even know us! Needless to say, we are anxious to meet this family and get to know them better. We were told that the family's oldest daughter is married to a foreigner, so that's why they felt like they wanted to help me and Jeff as we moved from the US to Japan. God is amazing, isn't He??

Okay, my first cultural experience happened this morning...

We needed some breakfast, so I put on my shoes, got my umbrella, and WALKED in the rain with my groceries, dodging cars and other people. I had to smile... I said to myself, "I'm in Japan!!"

Please pray as we will go and introduce ourselves (with little gifts from America) to our neighbors today or tomorrow. This will be our first contact with the very people we've been praying for! The man to our right, we've been told, is a policeman...we're planning on getting on his good side:) Do pray that God will let us find favor in the eyes of our neighbors.

Zack's CAJ orientation is tomorrow, so pray for a quick acclamation to his brand new school.

Gotta scoot for now. We love you guys!!!

Nozomi for the family