Interview with Zack and Ellie

Zack's Reflections What has been the best thing in Japan this past year?

Zack: CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan).

Q: What do you like about CAJ?

Zack: I like writing, and I like my friends, and recess, and science and pretty much all subjects.

Q: What has been the most difficult thing for you in Japan?

Zack: Not knowing the language. Sometimes when people that I don't know, they ask me questions in Japanese and I don't know what they're saying, sometimes.

Q: What do you think is the biggest difference between Japan and America?

Zack: The food.

Q: What is your favorite Japanese food?

Zack: Curry and gyooza and yakisoba.

Q: What is our purpose for coming to Japan?

Zack: To minister to the other people and help them to become Christians.

Q: What do you like to do with the family in Japan?

Zack: Go to Japanese parks, going to Tokyu Hands (big department store), and Shakey's Pizza Parlor.

Q: What do you miss the most about America?

Zack: My friends, Papa John's Pizza, my school, and our Saturday playgroup.

Q: What do you want your American friends to know about living in Japan?

Zack: It's really humid,  the roads are narrower here than in America, we bike almost everywhere, and we don't have a car. 


Ellie's Reflections What is your favorite thing about Japan?

Ellie: My friends and my school (yochien).

Q: What do you love about yochien?

Ellie: Playing outside, eating lunch together, playing inside, playing in the Green Hall at my yochien (kindergarten).

Q: What has been the hardest thing for you in Japan?

Ellie: The boys teasing me, and that I miss my friends.

Q: Why did we come to Japan?

Ellie: To be missionaries and to shine our lights. And to make friendships.


Q: What do you miss about America?

Ellie: My friends, my kitty (Sammie), and my teachers.

Q: What do you think about Japanese people?

Ellie:  That they look very different.

Q: But mom's Japanese! 

Ellie: But you look different from us. (She made slanty eyes)

Q: Are you having fun in Japan?

Ellie: Of course I am! And tell them I lost 4 teeth and 1 is wiggling right now.

Q:What do you want people to be praying for?

Ellie: That they'll (Japanese) come to know Jesus