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Trip Blessings and Requests

a tribal group of people. These people also believe!! Someone from England was sent to this remote area in the year 1902, and as a result, this group of people have been living out their faith since then. When my parents got out of the car, they were welcomed by song. Their place of gathering had 2 bare light bulbs hanging, thanks to electricity finally making its way to the mountains only a couple of years ago! My mom and dad slept on wooden slabs on the ground. There's no toilet, so at night when they had to relieve themselves, they had to first find their way out of the room in pitch blackness, and then go find a spot the rain.

The meals there were also interesting. The first meal consisted of pig's ears, with everything intact. For the honored guests, my mom saw this guy walking around with a knife, looking for a chicken. At the next meal they saw the chicken on their plate, complete with the head.

When my dad spoke to the group, a Japanese lady who came with them translated that into English, and a Burmese guy who spoke a few languages translated the English into their language. What an experience! They are exhausted, but are very glad they got to experience a whole new world.

Pray for My Trip to Los Angeles

My parents will be leaving for Atlanta on the morning of Friday, June 13th. I will be leaving for LA in the afternoon on the same day. Many of you have received my email regarding my need to get a re-entry permit into the United States. Thank you for ALL the emails of encouragement and advice you have sent along my way. Now I am armed with tons of information, and I need to choose the best route to take that would be the least troublesome for my family and for our ministry in Japan. I will let you know how it all turns out.

Pray now especially for Zack and Ellie who are getting very sad about mommy leaving. I asked Ellie, "Are you going to cry?" Before she could answer, Jeff chimed in to say, "I'm the one who's going to be crying!!" My husband is amazing to be so willing to take on this Mr. Mom role! Please pray for all of our emotions during my June 13-24th stay (and hopefully not longer!).

Can't wait to see you all in California! See you SOON!

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