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  • Jeff Finally Better

    Finally Feeling Better

    After 3+ weeks of being sick with a head and chest cold, Jeff is finally feeling better. Thanks for your prayers.
  • Jeff in Malaysia & Singapore

    Jeff was in Singapore and Malaysia for the Asian Access leadership summit (March 9-18), which assembled national leaders from nine countries across Asia and North America for a time of

  • Jeff returned safely to Japan

    Just a quick note to report that Jeff returned safely to Japan after a nice trip to California. The family is glad to have him back in Tokyo.

    Thank you for your prayers on our

  • Jeff Returns with Duffle Bags

    A Real Hunter & Gatherer

    As a provider for the family, Jeff just returned from California with 2 duffle bags filled with Nozomi's list of American goodies
  • Jeff's Upcoming Trip to L.A.

    Jeff will be heading to Los Angeles for a little over a week, September 7-16 in order to attend quarterly Asian Access leadership team meetings.
  • Johnston Gallery

    The Johnston Gallery is online!

    Check out the latest photos from the Johnstons! >>
  • under construction is under construction!

    As you can tell, our website has been launched. Yet, still much work "under the hood" is being
  • Kids Back at School

    Kids Back at School

    Zack and Ellie enjoyed some time away from school over the Christmas and New Year's holidays. Ellie is attending Japanese
  • Kids Start School August 25

    Kids Start School August 25

    Zack and Ellie start school at Christian
  • Kyoto Photos

    Check out our new photos from our recent visit to beautiful Kyoto, a very traditional city with countless temples and shrines and amazing Japanese gardens.

  • Mountain Climbing

    Mountain Climbing

    Our family will be climbing Mt. Takao on January 4 with another family. We've been invited for the outing by new friends, the family of
  • Need a visa for India

    I need to apply this week to obtain a visa to enter India in early February for the Asian Access pastor training there. Pray for this visa process to go smoothly.
  • Nozomi celebrates 40th

    Nozomi Celebrates 40th

    We had several parties to commemorate Nozomi's entrance to a new decade. Be sure to read about all the 40th events.
  • Nozomi seeks re-entry permit

    Nozomi is in California this week (Dec. 8-15) working on obtaining her re-entry permit, allowing her to remain outside the U.S. for up to two years at a time.

  • Nozomi's Parents Comin' to Town

    Nozomi's Parents Comin' To Town

    Nozomi's parents will be coming to town for the month of May. More info to come...
  • One Year Anniversary

    August 21st marks our first anniversary of arriving in Japan. We are thankful to God for blessing us in countless ways over the past year here.
  • Our Shipment Arrives!

    Our Shipment [Finally] Arrives!

    At 9AM on Wednesday, October 3, our shipment arrived. The 4-week delay was due to the busy passageways in
  • Problem Viewing

    IE6 Problem Viewing

    Two users have reported a problem viewing this
  • Rainy Season Over

    Rainy Season Over

    Near the end of July, rainy season in Japan gives way to oppressive heat and humidity.  And here it is.  We've entered the
  • Renewing Ellie's Passport


    We're going to the U.S. Embassy in downtown Tokyo on February 16 to renew her passport. Please pray for a successful renewal process for her.


  • Seizing the Opportunity

    Seizing the Opportunity

    Don't miss the story of how Nozomi used a simple icebreaker at Ellie's kindergarten to share that Jesus is the One
  • Slideshow Feature

    Slideshow Feature Added!

    Catch up on seeing our photos. Go to the new customizable slideshows page... [
  • Spring Retreat '09 in Karuizawa

    We were in Karuizawa, Japan (March 5-9) for our annual Asian Access spring retreat, bringing our entire A2 staff from across Japan. Karuizawa, located in the mountains of Nagano prefecture, held

  • Tinkering with Template

    Excuse the Mess

    I am experimenting with this template. But we will be in business
  • Valentine's Party

    Upcoming Valentine's Day Party

    February 15th will be our Valentine's party. We expect 20 kids + moms, so it's too large of a group to host at our house. So

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